COVID-19 News Updates

COVID-19 News Updates:

What are the new Coronavirus or COVID-19 News Updates for Diagnostics? If you missed our initial Coronavirus Blog regarding symptoms, preventative measures, and “Coronavirus Consults”, then be sure to go back and check it out! There are now news reports and updates that detail a “Rapid Coronavirus (COVID-19) test” that will provide doctors and patients results within 5 minutes. This could be substantial in improving morbidity and mortality for patients in the inpatient and outpatient sectors. This could be substantial in improving resources and time to diagnosis for physicians and improve overall patient triage opportunities. Additionally, there are now 4 drive-thru COVID testing sites in Oklahoma, including 1 site in Tulsa and 1 site in OKC.

What are the new Coronavirus or COVID-19 News Updates for Treatments? Despite a varying level or degree of reporting, the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) has shown promise in the potential to adequately treat COVID, if not at least mitigate its devastating effects. Of note, this medication is also used as a Disease Modifying Drug (DMARD) in the treatment of autoimmune conditions, such as Lupus. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an emergency-use authorization for Hydroxycholorquine and Chlorquine for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Of course, the now “classic” treatments or preventative measures of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are still monumentally helpful and still should be at play, such as practicing good hand-washing, disinfecting surfaces, avoiding sick contacts, and practicing social distancing. The “peak” of Coronavirus is now projected to be mid to late April, but is subject to change. Which means it will potentially “plateau” or “level off” at that time and eventually start to come down. We still, however, need to practice classic treatments or prevention to ensure the virus continues to stave off and numbers continue to come down, even on the backside of this pandemic in Oklahoma and the US, well into May and June. Summer will likely be our friend, if we do our part.

Lastly, a vaccine for COVID is being researched and likely will be ready in approximately 1 year according to some reports. This current pandemic will not last that long, however in case the virus begins to come back in the fall or winter and have a “viral season” similar to our current “flu season”, then a vaccine would be crucial in preventing the devastating effects of COVID. Additionally, as more and more people are exposed to the virus, immunity will build, although the virus could certainly mutate in this season and future seasons, just as the flu virus does.

Here at Doctor Online Oklahoma, we are happy to continue to be a resource to you for Coronavirus (COVID-19) consults, sick visit consults, Telemedicine, Telehealth, Online Doctor Visits, Online Urgent Care Visits. We will also continue to post medical update blogs and happy to answer any questions you may have regarding COVID or other medical conditions. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us for your next Online Doctor Visit or Online Urgent Care Visit.

For further information: The Oklahoma State Department of Health COVID-19 Call Center is still fully operational and a great resource, including daily updates on status. You can also access a national news update resource from FEMA, CDC, and the White House at

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