How to Treat a Sinus Infection

How to Treat a Sinus Infection?

Acute Sinus infection or Acute Sinusitis is a very common reason to visit a doctor, including an Urgent Care or Online Urgent Care in Oklahoma.  In this post, we will cover how to treat a sinus infection and what Doctor Online Oklahoma can do to help.  

Sinus infection symptoms typically include sinus pressure, congestion, drainage, and/or nasal production.  Some patients report teeth pain, sore throat, earache, or headache. +/- Fever or cough (related to drainage). Sinus infection signs on exam might reveal pain while palpating sinuses, drainage in posterior throat, abnormal nasal or eardrum findings.  There might be a fever noted as well. 

Sinus infection diagnosis is typically made by a physician while doing a medical history and exam. Differential diagnosis might include Bacterial sinusitis, Viral sinusitis, Allergic rhinitis, or Other ENT conditions. 

Finally, how to treat a sinus infection? Treatment depends on the duration of symptoms (how many days) and clinical presentation. If deemed a bacterial sinus infection by the physician, then antibiotics are often given. Other treatments for viral or bacterial sinus infections might include nasal sinus rinse, fluids, rest, nasal steroids, oral steroids. 

What Doctor Online Oklahoma can do to help? We can take a detailed medical history and a visual exam during the video/virtual visit and determine the diagnosis.  We can formulate a treatment plan, which likely includes the recommendations above or may vary depending on each specific case.  

This post is meant to be an informative and helpful resource but may not be all inclusive or the end all for medical treatment of this condition.  Please see our medical services page for more or feel free to ask us if further questions about sinus infections.  You can also schedule a video visit with our physician for further medical care and guidance.  You may also read more about Acute Sinusitis here if you are interested in learning more.

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