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Pandemic Transition Period: 

We are now in what I am calling a “Pandemic Transition Period” or a “Pandemic Culture Transition.”  Many are saying that we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel for re-opening our state, country, and economy.  Looks like many states, including Oklahoma, are about to open up for “Phase 1” of the re-opening process.  This is subject to change of course.  Therefore, we may see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we are still in the proverbial tunnel.  

As we are exiting the tunnel and traversing the Pandemic Transition Period, there are certainly many opinions on when, how, why we should transition and if this timing and approach are the right choice.  Some think it is too soon to re-open the state, country, and economy and that we may see a viral resurgence.  Others think we should have re-opened already.  Definitely some passionate ideas and responses on both sides of the debate.  No matter where you find yourself on either side of this aisle, we are all cruising up the aisle and out the door nonetheless…sooner or later.  Also, no doubt that adequate hand washing, social distancing, and other preventative measures will continue and be encouraged throughout the transition.  

Transitions can be rewarding, or they can be challenging, or they can be both.  However, you choose to look at it or make of it, might determine your experience or mindset in the Pandemic Transition Period.  I hope your health, family, finances, psyche, faith, and every other aspect of your lives improves and prospers in this time and the time to come.  I hope we head into a better season and have a great rest of the spring and a great summer as a state and nation.  No matter what season or situation you find yourself in now or in the future, we are here for you.  Doctor Online Oklahoma and Dr. Nevin White are here to serve your Online Urgent Care or Telemedicine needs.  

Feel free to comment on this blog in the comment section below or share it on social media.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need anything.  We welcome you to schedule an appointment with Doctor Online Oklahoma and Dr. Nevin White, at your convenience.  We wish you a great Pandemic Transition Period in the days to come!

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