Sore throat and Strep Throat

Sore Throat Evaluation and Treatment:

Sore throat (often called pharyngitis) and concerns for Strep throat are a very common reason to visit a doctor, including an Online Urgent Care in Oklahoma. In this post, we will discuss how to evaluate and treat a sore throat and potential Strep throat and what Doctor Online Oklahoma can do to help. 

Patients with a sore throat complaint may also report pain in the throat, discomfort, scratchiness, pain with swallowing, lymph node swelling, fever, or a number of other potential accompanying complaints.  Signs on exam by a physician might reveal posterior throat changes, drainage in the throat, tonsillar pus pockets or exudate or a number of other findings. We often key in on whether a patient has had fever, lymph node swelling, or a cough. 

Diagnosis of a sore throat may be further differentiated by a physician as general pharyngitis or potentially more specifically viral or bacterial pharyngitis.  Differential diagnosis may include, but not limited to tonsillitis, allergies, sinusitis, or other ENT conditions.  A rapid strep test or a throat culture might further help differentiate the diagnosis. 

Sore throat and strep throat evaluation and treatment will depend on the clinical presentation and the diagnosis ascribed by the physician.  If deemed Bacterial pharyngitis (Strep throat), then likely will receive antibiotics.  Otherwise, a number of different over the counter remedies may be recommended.  As with all potential illnesses rest, hydration, and good hygiene practices are recommended.

What can Doctor Online Oklahoma do to help?  We can take a detailed medical history and a visual exam during the online doctor visit and provide a diagnosis.  We can formulate a treatment plan, which likely includes the recommendations above or may vary. 

This post is meant to be an informative resource but may not be all inclusive.  Please see our medical services page for more conditions we treat.  Let us know if additional questions about sore throat (pharyngitis) or other conditions.  You can also schedule online doctor visits with our physician for further medical care.  You may also read more about sore throat or strep throat if you are interested in learning more.

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