We are celebrating our 1-year anniversary and the 100+ patients that have utilized our Online Urgent Care and Telemedicine service so far! We are grateful for our patients and look forward to many more online doctor/telemedicine visits and many more successful days to come!!

We are an Online Urgent Care and Telemedicine/Telehealth service that provides services for patients throughout all of Oklahoma. We offer affordable and efficient online doctor visits to patients of all ages (pediatrics and adults) and for numerous different issues or ailments. We are often open on holidays when traditional, in-person clinics or urgent cares are not available and we have been able to help numerous patients in need during these times and other times throughout the year.

We take care of a number of different medical conditions, such as cough, sore throat, sinus infection, ear infection, headache, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, UTI, and much more! To learn more about our hours, cash-pay prices or services and conditions we treat, then please see our menu tabs above or follow the links in this post.

Thank you for celebrating our 1-year anniversary with us. If you have any additional questions about our Online Urgent Care, then please visit our website or feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have. We also invite you to schedule an online doctor visit (online urgent care visit) today!

Telemedicine Projection for 2021:

Happy New Year!! We had a successful first year with our Telemedicine startup company and Online Urgent Care. Our Telemedicine Projection for 2021 is that Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Online Urgent Care services will continue to increase in availability, as well as patient interest and demand. Patients will continue to familiarize themselves with the technology and process and continue to become more comfortable with it. They will increasingly desire online doctor visits for a number of different ailments, conditions, and situations. As the demand and desire for Telemedicine increases, we will be there every step of the way!

With that said, those are our thoughts, but we want to hear from you as well. Where do you see Telemedicine and Telehealth going in 2021? Or where would you like to see it go? If there is anything you could change or add to your Telemedicine visits going forward what would that be? We would love to hear!

Here’s to an upcoming great year. If you have any questions about our service then please feel free to contact us. If you want to review which medical services we offer or our pricing, then we invite you to visit our menu tabs of the main menu. Or if you would like to schedule an online doctor visit/telemedicine visit, then we invite you to do so and we’re happy to help! 

Keep in mind that we can help with a number of different acute medical conditions, such as sore throat, sinus infection, cough, allergies, flu, COVID, UTI, rash, cold sores, nausea, constipation, poison ivy, and much more! Also, we can see patients online throughout all of Oklahoma as long as they have a good internet connection and can sign up online.

Also, if you need an in-person primary care physician (PCP), then we recommend Compassion Family Medicine (CFM) in Tulsa, OK. But in the meantime we look forward to taking care of your Telemedicine and Online Urgent Care needs!

Year-End Update: 

Welcome to the Doctor Online Oklahoma’s Year-End Update. What a year…2020 has brought some challenges and trials for many. Maybe some triumphs for others. One area we can say has changed in our country this year and maybe forever is Telemedicine. 

Doctor Online Oklahoma began our Telemedicine and Online Urgent Care services near the beginning of 2020 and we’ve been there every step of the way and still going strong. We’ve helped patients every month and treated a wide array of medical conditions, including COVID-19 and many other ailments. 

Patients have been very satisfied with our service as evidence by Dr. Nevin White’s interactions with them and by the online reviews we have received. One such example is a Google Review: “Doctor Online Oklahoma with Dr. White is very easy to use if you are needing a remote visit with a doctor. We have used his services twice and have been highly satisfied both times. He took care of our needs quickly and was very kind and helpful.” -Rebecca R., Google Review. 

As we look forward to 2021 we plan to continue to provide affordable, accessible, and excellent medical care to patients with our Telemedicine/Online Urgent Care service. Dr. White has recently started a new in-person Family Medicine, Direct Primary Care practice, called Compassion Family Medicine. However, he plans to continue to provide online, telemedicine care through Doctor Online Oklahoma as well. 

We look forward to serving you the rest of this month and into 2021 and beyond. Here’s to an upcoming great year. If you have any questions about our service then please feel free to contact us. If you want to review which medical services we offer or our pricing, then we invite you to visit our menu tabs of the main menu. Or if you would like to schedule an online doctor visit/telemedicine visit, then we invite you to do so and we’re happy to help!  

Inhaled Budesonide | COVID-19 Treatment:

Inhaled corticosteroids, such as Budesonide, are a relatively new proposed treatment for COVID-19 and reportedly physicians are seeing some success.  Inhaled corticosteroids are commonly used in respiratory disorders, such as asthma, and act to decrease inflammation in the lungs.  As I understand it at current, in the case of COVID-19, inhaled corticosteroids, such as Budesonide, can decrease inflammation and potentially help combat the “cytokine storm” caused by the disorder.  

The studies are pending and there are undoubtedly some nay-sayers against using inhaled corticosteroid Budesonide for COVID-19 treatment.  However, several physicians are already having great anecdotal success in the treatment of COVID patients in ER’s, hospitals, and in the general medical community.  One physician in Texas is working on getting a scientific paper published, based on his experience with the medication in his patients, and has passed his findings onto the local and national government to notify them of its successful effects in treatment (I can provide more information on this specific aspect if requested).  

Some additional keys for physicians and patients to consider would be to try and use this medication early in the disease process.  The goal is early detection of the virus and early use of the medication to prevent worsening of symptoms and disease process. The medication can certainly be used late in the disease process or in severe cases, such as ICU, but early use would be ideal. The inhaled form is recommended instead of the oral/systemic steroids. Budesonide is localized to the lungs and treats the disease process directly and with typically less side effects. Budesonide and other inhaled corticosteroids are relatively affordable, especially when using most insurances to purchase the medication at the pharmacy.

Another thing to be aware of is that the use of nebulizers in general for the administration of inhaled medications has a potential risk for aerosolization of viral particles. Therefore, proper use of PPE and a negative pressure room for administering the medication would be ideal. Although, these precautions are not always readily available, especially in an outpatient setting, then Meter-dosed inhalers (MDI’s) can be used to mitigate the risk of aerosolization of the viral particles. However, be aware that MDI’s are reportedly not as efficacious as the nebulized form. As with any medication use, the risks, benefits, and alternatives should be considered prior to administration.

When prescribing the inhaled corticosteroids, such as Budesonide, for COVID-19 treatment, physicians should also consider prescribing an antibiotic to cover potential secondary bacterial infections, such as pneumonia.  Antibiotic considerations may include, but not limited to, Azithromycin (Z-Pak), Clarithromycin, or Levaquin.  To be clear, COVID is a virus, as most people are now aware.  Viruses don’t respond to antibiotics, although bacteria do respond to them typically.  In the case of COVID, patients’ immune systems are lowered by the virus and their lungs are damaged and at risk for developing secondary bacterial infections.  In these cases, the antibiotics may be deemed appropriate or useful.  Additionally, some physicians are recommending supplementation with zinc for treatment of the disease process as well.  Zinc is thought to have immune-boosting properties and is often used for the treatment of viruses in general.  Although, to be clear, some physicians do not ascribe to this zinc supplementation approach.    

Doctor Online Oklahoma can help by answering any questions you may have about this medication, topic, or any other general inquiries.  We can also help by doing Online Doctor Visits/Online Urgent Care appointments to evaluate for this condition and consider prescribing these medications if deemed appropriate by the consulting physician.  To schedule an online doctor appointment, please visit our Schedule page.  To contact us please see our Contact page.  Additional information about the medication Inhaled Budesonide can be found in this article.  

Disclaimer: Lastly, this is meant to be an informing and helpful post about this potential new treatment of COVID, but certainly isn’t all inclusive and the final say on this topic.  The scientific papers and studies are still pending, and this is an ongoing topic.  Additionally, we recommend you discuss these potential treatment options further with your primary care physician or the physician(s) in charge of your care, but again we are available to help with further discussion, as stated above.  Let us know your thoughts on this post about Inhaled Budesonide | COVID-19 Treatment or other thoughts in the comments section below!

Asthma Exacerbation Treatment: 

Symptoms of asthma exacerbation include cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Signs of asthma exacerbation include cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing.  +/- other signs of respiratory distress.  +/- vital signs and oxygen saturation changes. 

Diagnosis is typically based on clinical evaluation by a physician with history, physical exam, vital sign evaluation, and potential lab work, chest x-ray, etc. Differential diagnosis includes other respiratory illnesses or conditions. 

Asthma Exacerbation Treatment typically includes bronchodilators, such as Albuterol or Atrovent, and steroids, such as Prednisone.  Sometimes patients are placed on supplemental oxygen if the case warrants it or is severe enough.  If the patient is in the ER or hospitalized, then other measures and medications might be employed as well.  

Doctor Online Oklahoma is an online urgent care/telemedicine service that can help by doing a thorough medical evaluation thereby conducting a medical history and video assisted physical exam. We can provide a diagnosis and prompt treatment when deemed appropriate by the physician. Schedule with us now for asthma exacerbation evaluation and potential treatment via our Schedule page

Contact or Connect with us by visiting our Contact page.  We are happy to answer any of your questions about asthma exacerbation, asthma treatment in general, or any other medical conditions we treat, or other medical or general questions you may have.  

You can find additional information about asthma diagnosis and treatment by reading this article. Let us know how we can help you otherwise!

Thank You to Our Supporters:

Thank you to our supporters and those of you who have followed along with our progress and/or used our Online Urgent Care/Telemedicine service so far! Off to a good start and had a modest first quarter. Have been honored to help some folks as well, especially in these unique times. Looking forward to serving more medical needs this summer and beyond!

Our hours are still 8a – 8p Monday through Friday, 10am – 6pm Saturday, and Closed Sunday. Our price for the Online Doctor Visit/Online Urgent Care Visit is still remaining low to serve our community in this unique season and year.

We commonly see upper respiratory infection complaints, such as sore throat, sinus infection, and cough. We commonly see patients with complaints such as UTI, rash, poison ivy, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, seasonal allergies, and a number of other conditions. To see which medical conditions we treat then go to our Medical Services page. To see more information on these conditions and further thoughts and resources, then visit our Oklahoma Telemedicine Blog page.

To schedule an appointment with Doctor Online Oklahoma then see our Schedule page. To contact us with any comments or questions then see the comments section below or send us a message. To learn more about Dr. Nevin White, go to the Meet the Doctor page or check out his other website. Also, connect with us or follow us or leave us positive reviews on Social Media!

Seasonal Allergies Evaluation and Treatment: 

Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies, also known as Allergic Rhinitis, Allergic Conjunctivitis, or simply “allergies,” depending on the case, often include itchy, watery eyes, runny nose (typically clear discharge), and sometimes cough, rash, or a plethora of other symptoms.  Signs of Seasonal Allergies on exam by a physician might reveal abnormal eye, ENT, or lung exam.  

Diagnosis is most often made by a physician while doing a detailed history and exam. Differential diagnosis might include common cold or other viruses, sinus infection, blepharitis, upper respiratory infection, or a number of other infections or inflammatory conditions or other issues with the eyes, ears, nose, throat, or lungs.

Treatment of Seasonal Allergies often includes over the counter medications such as nasal steroids (example Flonase) or oral antihistamines (example Claritin, Zyrtec, or Allegra).  Other treatments might include oral steroids, such as prednisone.  Nasal rinse, such as Neil Med Sinus Rinse, might prove helpful as well.  Another tip is to avoid allergy precipitants such as pollen or ragweed.  For example, try to stay indoors as much as possible if pollen counts are high in a given day, if you have a pollen specific allergy.  

What Doctor Online Oklahoma can do to help: we will do a Seasonal Allergies evaluation via history and physical exam, provide a diagnosis, and discuss and prescribe potential treatment options.   

This might not be your only resource for Seasonal Allergies Evaluation and Treatment but is meant to provide helpful information and offer how Doctor Online Oklahoma might be able to assist you today.  For more information, see this Seasonal Allergies article.  Also, if interested, then see the Medical Services page for other medical conditions we often treat.  To schedule an appointment with Doctor Online Oklahoma, then please see our Schedule page.  If you have questions, then please visit our Contact page for more. 

Nausea and Vomiting Evaluation and Treatment:

Symptoms of nausea and vomiting are pretty straight forward and self-explanatory, but the presentation and severity might vary.  +/- abdominal pain, fever, urinary symptoms, or other symptoms. Signs of nausea and vomiting are self-explanatory, but might also include abnormal abdominal exam, fever, or other abnormal findings on exam or abnormal vital signs. 

Diagnosis is most often made by utilizing the patient’s reported history, physician’s exam, and sometimes lab work or imaging.  Diagnosis depends on patient’s specific presentation and severity. Differential Diagnosis could be gastritis, appendicitis, food poisoning, viral gastroenteritis, or a number of different GI or general infections or conditions. 

Nausea and Vomiting evaluation and treatment depends on the patient’s presentation and symptoms/signs/results.  Often anti-nausea medication will be prescribed.  Also, increase fluid intake and hydration status monitoring are often recommended.  Depending on the case, imaging might be recommended or the patient might be directed to a higher level of care, such as ER evaluation and management.  

How Doctor Online Oklahoma can help: we will provide Nausea and Vomiting evaluation and treatment, beginning with a medical history and physician-video guided physical exam.  We might recommend lab, imaging, medication, or higher level of care such as further urgent care or ER evaluation depending on case-by-case basis. Recommendations might vary on a case-by-case basis. We strive to provide excellent patient care and help you feel better fast!

This post may not be your only resource for Nausea and Vomiting but is meant to provide general information and a resource as to how Doctor Online Oklahoma might be able to help. Also, please see our Medical Services Page for other medical conditions we treat.  To schedule an appointment with Doctor Online Oklahoma, then please see our Schedule Page.  If you have questions, then please visit our Contact Page for more. For additional information, see this article on Nausea and Vomiting

Rash Evaluation and Treatment:

Symptoms of rash may vary, but patients typically report a noticeable skin change, such as red, itchy skin, or a number of other visual or sensory changes in the skin.  +/- fever or other general symptoms.  Signs or rash typically include a rash on exam by the physician +/- fever or other general signs. 

Diagnosis is most often made by medical history, exam, and potential lab work in certain cases. Differential Diagnosis depends on the rash presentation.  Common diagnoses would be Dermatitis, Eczema, Shingles, Poison ivy, Infectious (bacterial, viral, fungal), and other dermatological diagnoses. 

Treatment depends on the rash presentation and diagnosis.  Often topical or oral steroids are prescribed, but of course depends on the clinical situation and physician’s discretion.  If rash is determined to be infectious, then antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals might be prescribed.  

How Doctor Online Oklahoma can help with rash evaluation and treatment: We will take a detailed medical history and will do a video physical exam of the skin area in question.  We may prescribe steroids, antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals depending on the diagnosis given and case-by-case basis.  We may have other recommendations and we can give detailed, yet efficient guidance as to your next step in effective care. 

This post may not be your only resource for the evaluation and treatment of rash but is meant to provide information on the condition and how Doctor Online Oklahoma might be able to help.  For more information, see this article with additional information about certain rashes. Also, please see our medical services page for more information on additional medical conditions we treat.  See our schedule page for more information or to schedule an appointment with Doctor Online Oklahoma.  Visit our contact page if you have any questions about rash or any other general conditions.  

UTI Evaluation and Treatment: 

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) symptoms might include dysuria (pain or burning with urination), urinary frequency, urinary urgency, and/or suprapubic abdominal pain.  Severe symptoms may include flank pain, fever, or nausea and vomiting.  UTI signs might include suprapubic tenderness on exam.  Severe signs might include, but not limited to fever or pain with examination of the flank region (pain over the kidneys).

UTI diagnosis approach might include medical history, exam, urinalysis, and urine culture. Differential Diagnosis of UTI: Urethritis, Interstitial cystitis, Other genitourinary conditions, or GI conditions. 

Treatment will depend on the clinical presentation and diagnosis.  If deemed diagnosis of UTI then most commonly treated with antibiotics, fluids, rest, and/or other potential modalities.  Urine culture often guides treatment as well.  

How Doctor Online Oklahoma can help: We will take a detailed medical history and will do a guided, patient-physician assisted, video physical exam.  We may consider antibiotics to treat the UTI when appropriate.  We may have other recommendations depending on case-by-case basis.  Either way, we can give detailed, yet efficient guidance as to your next step in effective care. 

This post may not be all inclusive and may not be your only diagnosis and treatment resource for UTI, but is meant to be helpful and provide insight in to the condition and how we may be able to help.  For more information, see this article on UTI Evaluation and Treatment.  Also, please see our medical services, contact us, or schedule page for more information or to schedule an appointment with Doctor Online Oklahoma.